Sunday, May 20, 2012

Honorable South Carolina Judge A. Victor Rawl


An Open Letter to Judge Rawl,

                I have a few questions to ask you. You worked on a case in 1999 through 2000. Case # G046066. This started out as 0397-Sex / Criminal sexual conduct with minor, or Attempt - victim under 16 years of age - Second degree and turned into 0013-Assault / Assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature (ABHAN).

Curious if you could explain to me how a man who rapes his daughter for the first 15 years of her life gets Assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature instead of a Criminal Sexual Conduct
charge? YOU accepted this plea deal!  So he went from a charge that would have made him register as a sex offender to nothing.

Was it all the bad behavior the 16 year old accuser had? You know a 16 year old who had been raped the first part of her life, thrown into foster care, and had no one should have good behavior so she can go to court right? Was I suppose to be well mannered and well behaved after all I had been through?

Or was it the serious illness that the defendant had. You know the horrible cancer that was going to kill him in 6 months time anyway? Oh wait no it didn't. He's still alive today! Better yet could you explain to me how a man who gets off on raping his daughter doesn't have to sign up as a sex offender? You know he is active in whatever church will have him right? Constant contact with young girls. So if one of them is assaulted it will also be your fault!

Mr. Judge, I know you were just doing what you could with what you had but you failed, not just me but every other incest survivor. That man you set free raped me, forced me to perform oral, sodomized me, taught me to rob places, and took my virginity. That man is still free. He still haunts my dreams. He still controls my mother. And since you suspended his sentence of 10 years to TIME SERVED even though he only served 6 MONTHS I never even got justice!

 I have to live the rest of my life with no justice! He took 15 years of my life plus all the years I will feel the pain and you let him out the second you said guilty.

Sir how do you sleep at night? How did you keep doing this job knowing you were not serving justice?

Does your son have any children? How would you feel if it was them? or your wife?

I hope you sleep well tonight. When you are laying in bed ask yourself if you could have done more. Ask yourself how you would feel. Ask yourself if the sentence you gave was fair. Ask yourself if you are comfortable knowing that man isn't even registered as a sex offender and may be out there doing the same thing to another child.

In closing, no one can go back and change time. No one can fix all the wrongs of this whole thing. You will continue to live your life like this is nothing. I sir, will feel pity for you and pity for your family. It must be hard knowing you failed to protect our justice system. Then again, I'm sure you don't even remember my case, but I remember it every day when I look into the eyes of my children and every night when I go to sleep and dream about the rapes all over again!


The Incest Survivor You Didn't Give Justice


  1. Hi Milisa,

    Thank you for sharing your story with the world. I hope you have sent your blog to the judge who
    failed to do his job. I've been a reporter for 31 years and have covered hundreds of abuse cases, and
    several where judges failed to protect the child.

    I hope by sharing your story, it helps you heal and deal with you terrible trauma. You are a strong
    woman and I admire your courage, and honesty. I also hope that you have told the authorities where your
    father now resides about what he did to you. Though the statute of limitations may have run out for your
    case; that doesn't' mean you can't alert the cops. He is a sick man who may be victimizing other young girls.

    Thank you again for speaking out.


  2. Hi Milisa,

    I don't know who people in sexual abuse cases imagine they work for. It's as if money falls from the sky and lands in their bank account and every victim should be grateful for whatever horse shit they come up with. A judge with no concept that a child sexual abuser is controlling/manipulative/without conscience, that he will do it whenever he can until the day he finally dies, no concept of abuse or what a judge's responsibility is to the victim: what delusional arrogance. What nerve it must take to dress up in a plastic gown and make decisions for real people when you have no clue what's going on in the world around you.

    I went into my "court experience" in 2012 as a mother trying to protect her daughter. I had $10,000 worth of private investigative evidence and several professionals who were involved in the case. The judge accepted that yes, my ex-husband was lying about abusing our child. "But he wasn't lying because he's deceptive. He's just embarrassed he got caught." He said he "hoped he wasn't doing that" although to this day, no one can tell me what did occur based on all of the suspect's statements, admissions, and the existing evidence. Here is the fight I continue in pursuit of my own stolen legal property from the authorities that my tax money paid for the sole purpose of protecting my daughter:

    Thank you for sharing your story and know that that makes it easier for every other person with a story they're struggling to tell. You're strong, you're brave, and it's important!

  3. Millisa....This Judge is a complete disgrace to the bench. What can he possibly be thinking? Does he not have a sister? a daughter? What kind of man is he who does not realize the incredible seriousness of this crime? He has no right whatsoever to be serving the public.
    We need Judges who are fair, honest and TOUGH on crime!!