Friday, August 10, 2012


It has been 14 years sent I was removed from my parents. Crazy, some moments I feel like that was forever ago and other days I feel like it was yesterday. I am getting to a good point in my healing. A point where the pain is pretty much gone. A part of my life that doesn't feel so abnormal.

Time goes by much faster the more we age. When we are younger and hear people say that we think that have to be going crazy! Surly it can't feel like the days and months are just flying by. Sadly they do. My youngest child is getting her own personality and my oldest is pushing tween years very fast. I look in the mirror and remember the teen I use to be. I'm getting further and further from those memories and now catch myself having "old people" thoughts when I see teens. The hats sideways, the pants below the butt, the mini skirts on 14 year olds, and the "I know everything," attitudes.

It's funny how life goes. We go through each stage always thinking we are grown up. The reality I am starting to realize is that we never grow up. We just grow into a new season of life. For me I have finally hit the "Everything is going to be okay" phase. Why? Because I am finally understanding that I am worth having everything be okay!

My life is becoming as close to perfect as I could ever ask. I have worked hard to get to this spot, and I am sure I will have bumps along the way. Those bumps will lead me to the next season of my life!