Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inside my life

When reading my blog it is easy to think I am some self pitying person who is miserable. So I want to let everyone in on the real me for a change.
I am quite happy. I have an awesome family I have created. A husband who in 6 years has never so much as raised his voice at me and I haven't to him.  I have 3 beautiful children who are my world. I have 2 wonderful work from home jobs not counting my writing I do on hub pages. I love to get out and go see new places. In an entire year I maybe have 5 bad days.
So why does it come off that I am miserable? Because this is what keeps me sane. This is my therapy. This is my venting so that I don't drive my sweet husband crazy. While he is great to talk to he simply can't make it better. Only I can make my feelings about the past better. No one else will ever do that for me. He reminds me on a regular basis that I am awesome and that even if I have to live with this my whole life he will always support anything I want. This is why I am here. He encourages me to do whatever feels right to me. Strangely what feels right is putting it all out there in hopes of helping someone else. My shitty past made me awesome. It made me love my weird self a little more. It made me appreciate what I have. It made me see the world different. It made me understand the struggles of others, and while it may have made a few bad qualities in me, it still made me into a wonderful, loving, dedicated person. My past made me everything I am, not just the bad things!

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