Friday, April 29, 2016

Why My Sudden Outing of Judge Rawl?




Why Wait to Out Previous Judge Victor Rawl?

I woke up this morning with an email. It asked me "After all of these years, why now? Why did you wait to say anything about this judge until now? You you are just picking on an old man, and what you are doing may hurt his families feelings".

So I will explain it for those of you wondering why I waited so many years.

First of all the article about him was first written 4 years ago in 2012. My journey of dealing with everything that happened to me has not and will not be a quick and over type of thing. I will live with what my father did, what his attorney did, and what this judge allowed to happen until the day I die. So why should those at fault carry any less burden?

Will Victor Rawl's family go through any more pain than myself and my family will go through because of his actions? I highly doubt it, unless my father also raped him and he also let my dad off for that.

Some will cry slander, but it isn't slander if I have the case files to prove it. I have screen shot every public record with this judges name on it relevent to my case, so even if he were to somehow have them all removed (which he can't) I still have the evidence to prove he let a a person charged with a sex crime not only plea down, but also sentenced him to time served on a 10 year sentence even though he only served 6 months.

So Why Now?

The internet is an amazing thing. Now the internet lets me share things with social media outlets across the world. So I have to ask Why NOT now? I see it as a perfect thing. 

On top of that this man, Victor Rawl is still active in making decisions as a County Councilman for Charleston, SC county. Should we really have someone making decisions for the masses when he failed to protect children while serving as a Circuit Judge? 

If he had failed your child would you let him off so easy?  I know I wouldn't. So this is why I am now bringing this out so much. 

The man who spend my entire childhood raping me is out free, allowed to have contact with other children if he wishes. I will not stop until either my father passes away, or someone is held accountable.

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